Through our direct and exclusive clients, we’re involved in all stages of the deal.

  • We provide our clients with a wide range of market intelligence and advice. We support them to determine the correct vessel type for their Cargo type, cargo packaging and Cargo stowage.
  • We negotiate the main terms of the contract, finalize the details of the contract and follow the deal through to its conclusion.
  • During loading and discharging operations, our operation team will be ready for attendance to the operations, interfere to problems just on same minute, providing regular reports and let the charterers be sure that their cargo will be loaded or discharged safely.
  • We have special expertise as in handling bulk, palletized and bagged cargos like; agricultural products, wheat, iron & steel products, chipboards, industrial wood, logs, gypsum products, woodchips, coal, salt, soda ash, wood pulp, fertilizers, cement, clinker, citrus etc.
  • We have serious and successful backgrounds with all type of mentioned cargoes and more. We are also acting as agents of chemical vessels.