Sailfast Marine & Logistics Ltd offers a wide range of Speed Boat hiring services. The company is obliged to introduce speed boats of different capacity for Transporting Crew, Documents, Agents, Marine Surveyors, Superintendent, Food Stuff, Lubricants and any other specified jobs as the case may be. We operate high powered speedboats that enable quick and speedy service to all the major port in Nigeria.

All our services are operated and serviced by our own team.

  • Speed Boat Day Trip¬†
  • Speed Boat Transfers
  • Ship to Ship Transfer
  • Marine Surveyors Transfer
  • Passenger Boats
  • House Boats
  • Crew Boats
  • Sea Going Boats for Supplies of Foods & Beverages, Marine Equipment, Spare Parts & Lubricants for Ship Chandlers
  • Waterbus Boats
  • Boat Charter Services
  • Boats Hiring & Boat Cruising
  • Private boat charters & transfers
  • Towage and Barge Operation
  • Emergency divers evacuation

Our boats are in variety of designs with specific passenger capacity and comfortable cruise / safety to our customers delight.

Prices for each boat hire are customer friendly and based on hours of usage and locations per trip.

For booking, Call Sailfast Marine on Office: + 234 803 804 0558, WhatsApp: +234 802 318 2815, Operation: +234 909 424 2121, +234 905 002 2452. Be assured of a good discount, safety and comfort.

Sailfast Marine & Logistics Limited is a marine logistics company providing 24/7 marine support services solutions to meet all operational needs of individuals, corporate organizations and different businesses with Multimodal transportation solutions.