We provide marine transportation services in Nigeria to support the oil and gas industry in the quest to find and develop new offshore energy resources. In addition to transporting drilling materials, supplies and personnel to offshore facilities, we move and position drilling structures. With a modern and technologically advanced fleet, we provide a full range of services, even in the most difficult environments.

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply

Anchor Handling, Towing and Supply (AHTS) vessels set anchors for drilling rigs and tow mobile drilling rigs and equipment from one location to another. Our AHTS vessels can also be used in supply roles and for specialty operations where they support a variety of non-traditional requirements.

  • Construction Support

Pipe-laying barges, diving support vessels, pipe carriers and other vessels designed to transport large cargos of material and supplies support the construction and installation of offshore platforms and pipelines. Many of our large PSVs also function as pipe carriers.

  • Crew boats/Fast Support

Our modern Crew boats and Fast Supply Vessels (FSVs) are larger and have greater cargo-carrying capacity than traditional crew boats. Although they are used primarily in deepwater activities to support drilling and complex logistics operations, our FSVs are equally at home when dedicated to shallower water production and drilling support roles.

  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

With substantial cargo-handling capabilities, Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) transport fuel, water, drilling fluids, equipment and provisions to offshore facilities. PSVs support drilling and production operations as well as offshore construction and maintenance. The majority of our Large PSVs are also capable of supporting construction services, subsea projects and other specialty applications.

  • Multipurpose Supply Vessels (MPSV)

MPSVs are vessels specially designed for subsea operations. Versatile, they offer customers great flexibility of use. With DP3 or DP2 dynamic positioning technology, our vessels are equipped with high capacity cranes using active heave compensation to install equipment weighing up to 120 t at depths of up to 3,000 m.

  • Standby/Rescue Services

Equipped to provide personnel rescue, first aid and shelter, Standby Rescue (Stby) vessels perform a safety patrol function that is required for all manned locations in oil-producing areas. Stby vessels typically remain on station to provide a safety backup to offshore rigs and production facilities. In some cases, they also function as support vessels.

  • Specialty Support Services

We supports a variety of client activities through purpose-built specialty vessels (SpVs) and ships that are modified for specific purposes. Our SpVs include vessels that specialize in subsea support, construction support, ROV operations, standby/rescue, seismic support and other non-traditional roles. Many of our core PSV and AHTS vessels can be easily modified to address specialized, non-traditional requirements.

  • House Boats/Flotel

We provide Flotel services for our clients. We have house boats ranging from 20 to 60 man house boats in our fleet of vessels.