SAILFAST MARINE AND LOGISTICS LIMITED has been in inception since 2020, known globally for the inspection/servicing life savings & Firefighting equipment ( LSA & FFE ) including navigational aids, supplies of all aspects of marine safety equipment.

We also operate in compliance with the requirement of safety of life At Sea (SOLAS) as a guide to all activities. Since the inception of the company we have been fully operational, it was registered under corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and incorporated as SAILFAST MARINE AND LOGISTICS LIMITED

We Undertake, inspections/servicing of lifesavings appliances (LSA) & firefighting equipment (FFE) and issues reinspection certificate in accordance with the requirement of safety of life at sea (SOLAS) as a guide to all our activities. Since the inception of the company we have been fully operational. Sailfast Marine and Logistics Limited was incorporated in the year 2020 as an approved servicing station for lifesaving appliances & fire fighting 

Our line of operations:

We supply / service with certificate where necessary.


Servicing Agent for the following manufacturers: Shanghai Star Rubber Product Co. Ltd (CSM), Fuikuma Rubber Ltd/Mitsubishi Liferaft.

Annual/5yearly inspection/testing of Beihai liferafts, Davits. Winches and release gear in accordance with IMO/MSC/CIRC-1206 and other manufacturers of lifeboat/Davit/Winch with an authorization from the flag status of the vessel in question with circular 1206.

  • Calibration of equipment.
  • Supply/servicing of Life Jackets and light.
  • Supply/servicing of Lifebuoy and light.
  • Supply of lifeboats equipment.
  • Supply of PYROTECHNICS such as; Parachute Rockets, Red Hand Flares, Orange Smoke Signals.
  • Inspection/testing of Rescue Boats.
  • Supply of First Aid Kits
  • Supply of Manover Board.
  • Supply of line throwing appliances


We undertake the supply, refilling, recharging and servicing of the fire extinguishers ranging from Foam, Powder, carbon dioxide to liquid types, deluge system e.t.c.

Also we inspect/service the following fire fighting equipment; complete fireman outfit, hoses, blanket, sand box, smoke masks couplings, fire detection systems e.t.c.


We inspect/service and supply various types of Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) ,Self Contain Breathing Device (SCBA) e.t.c.

We are always ready to advice on equipment selection and usage, thus ensuring that our customer needs are fulfilling in the efficient possible manner.

Over the years, we have carried out in- house training for our staff on recent innovation / regulations in respects of safety such as life rafts servicing, lifeboat/davit inspection e.t.c while fire safety courses such as various usage of fire extinguishing including how it is been service.

All these are embarked on by our inspectors and technician to keep them abreast with developments on safety in the maritime industry.


We provide onshore and offshore services to various types of Fire Fighting and Lifesaving Appliances. Our service stations are well equipped to Inspect, Test, and service Lifesavings appliances & Fire Fighting Appliances, Breathing Air Units and Calibration of Portable Gas Monitors. Sailfast Marine and Logistics has qualified engineers and skilled technicians who are trained to service all Fire Fighting and Life Saving equipment as per international standards.