Sailfast Marine and Logistics Ltd is proud of the success of Bunkering department, one of its important support services. This pride does not occur for having high volume or profit revenue, but for supplying the highest quality material to the customer with the most competitive prices.

Sailfast Marine & Logistics’s Ltd main advantage comes from its improving service relationships with all physical bunker supplying companies established in Nigeria that began with tanker agency services. This department that has been developed as a part of the service requirements helps the parties – supplying companies and supplied companies – to meet in a selective environment.

Sailfast Marine & Logistics Ltd actively participates in formation studies of determining the bunker’s quality and supplying the exact quantity of bunker during bunkering and it takes successful results. During the supply of a bunkering booked with Sailfast Marine & Logistics Ltd, an expert survey shall be available at the ship and supply barge and shall provide measurement service free of charge.

Any deficiency claims that might occur at the ship or barge are prevented in advance by sending a prior notification. Optimum coordination is performed with the local traffic controllers and ship captains in order to provide the supplies within minimum time and without any delay.